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The Waverly Advantage

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SMALL SCHOOL SETTING: Our small environment affords individualized student focus and removal of competing external influences. 


RIGOROUS ACADEMIC STANDARDS: Every child deserves a demanding, standards-based education. The instructional program at Waverly will maximize instruction in the core academic areas. 


HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AND CONDUCT: We have a “no excuses” standard of excellence so that our students will strive academically and expand their boundaries. 


A STEM ENHANCED CURRICULUM: By offering and encouraging girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), girls can expand their vision of the areas in which they can participate, achieve and succeed. 


INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM BASED ON LEARNING STYLE: We create flexible ability groups in the core subjects to provide students with an environment in which they will be both driven and supported appropriately. 


EXTENDED SCHOOL DAY AND YEAR: Our school days are longer because we know that increased learning time is essential to enabling students to achieve at the highest levels. 


BLOCK INSTRUCTION IN CORE SUBJECT AREAS: Waverly students have double periods on alternating days in the core subject areas of math, science, social studies and language arts/reading to encourage higher literacy and math rates.


DAILY HOMEWORK SUPPORT AND TUTORING: Our Homework Center/Tutoring Club affords students the opportunity to complete unfinished work and get support and structure to meet their responsibilities.

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