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Girls Who Code is at Waverly Academy!

We're looking for a few good girls to join our Girls Who Code Club.

Are you curious?

Do you have an aptitude for analytical thinking?

Do you like computers?

Come join us at Girls Golf!

Come learn the basics of golf, and be empowered, enriched, engaged, exercised and energized!  Learn golf in a fun way with a variety of different activities and games.

Register on-line at:

SciGirls is an Emmy award-winning PBS Kids television show, website, and educational outreach program that draws on cutting-edge research about what engages girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning and careers.


Visit the SciGirls website


SciGirls’ videos, interactive website and hands-on activities work together to address a singular but powerful goal: to inspire, enable, and maximize STEM learning and participation for all girls, with an eye toward future STEM careers. The goal of SciGirls is to change how millions of girls think about STEM. 

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